Goblin Companion


On each of Splug’s turns, he likes to use cringe when he’s sure doing so will give you a free attack. To do so, Splug moves (or shifts, if that’s safer) away from the monsters, then he uses his cringe power. If using cringe won’t allow you to attack, Splug attacks with his longsword or dagger.

Splug prefers to move into positions that give him combat advantage against a target. He also prefers to attack targets granting him combat advantage.

Whenever he can help it, Splug avoids moving into a position where monsters are coming at him from two or more sides. He ignores this preference when he can gain combat advantage by doing so.

Splug won’t voluntarily go anywhere alone or first. He also won’t give you his equipment, although he will carry yours for you. During the game, you can try to convince Splug to do something he wouldn’t normally do, such as give you his healing potion or climb into an unknown area ahead of you. To do so, note where you are, then go to [[116]].

Splug likes you. If you’re unconscious and he has a healing potion, he does his best to administer the potion to you even at great risk to his own hide.

During a short rest, Splug heals to full normal hit points if he can do so. He likes to save one surge for an upcoming encounter, but he does so only if using that surge during combat might benefit him more than using it during the short rest.



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