Encounter 2


Leaving Splug Alone: If Splug spent more than 3 rounds in this encounter alone, go to 052.

When you arrive and look around, read:

You’re in a large cave. Ambient green light allows you to see clearly. The chasm is above you now, an opening in the cave roof about 10 feet up. You’re in a luminous green stream of water that flows from a hole in the northern cave wall, and the cave slopes upward toward that direction. The current is pretty strong. Part of the cave to the west is obviously hewn stone, and another stream flows from that passage. From your vantage, you can’t see much of that tunnel.

With a squelching sound, a sickly-looking blue ooze surfaces and starts to approach. Movement in other parts of the cave indicates more creatures, including a couple of those black, mobile roots near the southern wall. The stream plunges into another cavern there, roiling fiercely.

Nearby, a long, inanimate root dangles in the water, looking like you could swing on it or hold onto it.

  • 2 tainted roots®
  • 4 tainted oozes (O)
  • Stream exit (X)
  • Dangling Root (D)

Combat begins now…

If a hero starts a turn in an X square, the hero is subject to the attack (Splug first). If the attack hits you, go to 083. If the attack hits Splug, go to 064.


~Options can be used any time before, during, or after combat. Please use your best judgement.

  • Dangling Root: If a hero is adjacent to a root and has a free hand, the hero can grab the root as a minor action (go to 018 to do so). The root also looks like a hero could swing on it; to try, go to 089. A hero can also climb up the root; go to 031 to do that.
  • Knowledge Checks: You can take a minor action to assess your situation with a DC 15 Arcana (trained only), Dungeoneering, or Nature skill check. If you succeed on an Arcana check, go to 122. If you succeed on a Nature or Dungeoneering check, go to 048. If you fail, you learn nothing useful and cannot use the same skill again for this purpose in this encounter.
  • Northern Passage: If you move so you have clear line of sight into the northern passage, go to 039.
  • Rope: If you dropped a rope into the cavern, heroes can climb back up it (go to 073). Any
    monsters left here give pursuit.


Tainted Roots -
Whenever a tainted root is adjacent to one or more targets, has a standard action, and it isn’t grabbing a target, it makes a grasp attack against a random adjacent target. If the tainted root is grabbing a target, it makes a drag attack against that target.

A tainted root does not move, so it will start its next turn in water unless it is grabbing a target. It climbs to avoid the water.

A tainted root attempts to drag a target it is grabbing into the water close to a stream exit square (X).

Tainted Oozes -
Whenever a tainted ooze is adjacent to one or more targets and has a standard action, it makes a slam attack against a random adjacent target. If it hits, it slides the target toward a square marked X.

  • If a creature is immune to something, it takes no damage from attacks that deal that type of damage.
  • Resist indicates a number and a damage type. If an attack that has the indicated damage type hits the monster, reduce the damage by that amount (minimum 0 damage).


Rough Rocks: Rock squares marked with triangles (▲) are difficult terrain.


Frog Pipe: Investigate the sparkly eyes by going to 043. A hero can climb into this pipe from an adjacent square by going to 108.

Investigation: You can attempt the same knowledgechecks detailed in the Options section. You can also search the area by making a Perception check and going to 015.

Rope: If you climbed down into this area using a rope, see options. Also, if you tied the rope to the tree closest to the chasm in Encounter 1, you can cut off 20 feet of excess rope and carry it with you.

Stream Exit: Someone standing adjacent to the X squares can easily see an open cavern with light at the other end. A hero can dive through by attempting an Athletics check and going to 026.


Encounter 2

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