Encounter 3


Heroes arrive in the Start Area.

Leaving Splug Alone: If Splug spent more than 2 rounds in this encounter alone, go to 01.

When you arrive, read:

You’ve arrived in another natural cave illuminated by green light. A glowing green stream flows into the chamber at the northwest and flows out again through a gravel-filled opening in the east. A pool of similar liquid has collected in the southwestern corner, bubbling and churning as if disturbed from underneath. Other than some rubble, the room’s only other feature is the broken wall to the west, leading to what looks like a landing of worked stone.

Near the pool along the southern wall, you spot a black, plantlike pod with writhing tendrils much like the tainted roots you’ve fought before. A chirping sound, barely audible above the water’s gurgling, draws your attention to sizable green bats hanging on the walls.

  • 3 tainted bats (B)
  • 1 tainted root pod®

Be sure to remember any effect the swim into this room had on the heroes. When the heroes arrive,
it’s clear the monsters aren’t immediately aware of intruders. Each hero can attempt a Stealth check by going to 085, page 24, or you can begin combat normally.


~Options can be used any time before, during, or after combat. Please use your best judgement.

  • Glowing Pool: If a monster enters the pool, go to 046. You can use a standard action to
    throw, drop, or poke an object, such as a loose rock from the floor, into the pool by going to 119. When any hero first enters the pool, go to 090. When a hero starts a turn in the pool, go to 030.
  • Knowledge Checks: You can take a minor action to assess your situation with a DC 15 Arcana (trained only), Dungeoneering, or Nature check. If you succeed on an Arcana check, go to 05. If you succeed on a Nature or Dungeoneering check, go to 051. If you fail, you learn nothing useful and cannot use the same skill again for this purpose in this encounter.
  • Worked Stone Area: When you move adjacent to this area, attempt a Perception check and go to 114. If a hero enters or touches a square in this area, assuming you know nothing to the contrary, go to 097.


Tainted Bats -
Instead of moving as basic monster tactics dictate, a tainted bat uses flyby attack whenever possible. If it crashes, the tainted bat stands up on its turn, then it attacks from the ground if flying away would provoke opportunity attacks. It flies again as soon as it can do so without provoking an opportunity attack.

  • A creature that has a fly speed without (hover) fLies 2 or more squares on each of its turns. If it cannot do so, it crashes to the ground, landing prone. While flying, such a creature can neither make opportunity attacks nor shift. It only provokes opportunity attacks for leaving its starting square each turn.
  • Hover allows a creature that has a fly speed to shift and make opportunity attacks while flying. It can also keep flying without moving on its turn. It still crashes if knocked prone and provokes opportunity attacks for leaving a starting square without shifting.

Tainted Root Pod -
Whenever the tainted root pod has one or more targets in reach, is not grabbing a target, and has a standard action, it makes a root lash attack against a random adjacent target.

Whenever the tainted root pod has a target grabbed and has a standard action, it uses constrict on the target it is grabbing.

Whenever the tainted root pod grabs a target or is grabbing a target, it uses pulling roots as its move action that turn. It pulls the grabbed target toward the worked stone area to the west. If it successfully pulls a hero to that area, go to 097.


Glowing Pool: Pool squares are difficult terrain.

Rough Rocks: Rock squares marked with triangles (▲) are difficult terrain.

Stream: The stream squares in the north are difficult terrain.


Glowing Pool: See Options.

Investigation: You can attempt the same knowledge checks detailed in the Options section. You can also search the area by making a Perception check and going to 075.

Tainted Root Pod: If you kill the pod, go to 024.

Worked Stone Area: See Options.

Encounter 3

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