Encounter 4


When you arrive and get a look around, read:

This chamber is shaped like one-quarter of a circle with a small chamber attached in the west and an area of runecovered stonework in a wide alcove to the east. Near the center of the arc of the western wall is a glowing circle of arcane sigils with drifts of dark dust on it. It illuminates the room with bright, blood-red light.

In the open doorway to the western chamber, a dark, thin humanoid sways, growls, and gurgles, its green glowing eyes sweeping the room. Behind it, the light of the sigil reveals a ladder in the shadows of the small chamber. Two shapes, each like the upper half of a human made of dark smoke, float in the corners.

The humanoid groans, and the wispy shapes shriek.

  • 2 tainted wisps (W)
  • 1 tainted zombie (Z)

This area is open to encounter area 3—you can connect the maps, if you want to do so, by laying the 8-square runed start area over the 8-square worked stone area of Encounter 3.

Combat begins as soon as you enter this chamber.


~Options can be used any time before, during, or after combat. Please use your best judgement.

  • Knowledge Checks: You can take a minor action to assess your situation with a DC 15 Arcana (trained only) or Religion (trained only) check. If you succeed on the Arcana check, go to 136. If you succeed on the Religion check, go to 013. If you fail, you learn nothing useful and cannot use the same skill again for this purpose in this encounter.
  • Ladder: If a hero moves within 2 squares of the ladder, go to 068.
  • Sigil Circle: If a hero enters the circle—any square the circle touches—go to 104. If a hero hasn’t entered the circle by the first time a monster attacks from a square the circle touches go to 099. When a wisp drops to 0 hit points or a hero dies in the circle, go to 034.


Tainted Zombie -
If the tainted zombie starts its turn adjacent to an immobilized target, the zombie uses its bite attack on that target. If the tainted zombie is reduced to 0 hp, go to 082 when its next turn would start.

  • If a creature is immune to something, it takes no damage from attacks that deal that type of damage.
  • Resist indicates a number and a damage type. If an attack that has the indicated damage type hits the monster, reduce the damage by that amount (minimum 0 damage).


  • You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport and can be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide.


Ladder: If you haven’t examined the ladder before now, you can move close to it and go to 068.

Investigation: You can attempt the same knowledge checks detailed in the Options section. You can also search the area by making a Perception check and going to 050.

Encounter 4

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