Encounter 6


When you can see into the area, read:

This room is carved from the rock with hints that it too was once a natural cavern. Magical orbs of light floating in the northern corners reveal two small tables and a larger one, all of them covered in papers and strange glass devices and containers. To the west is a bookcase, filled floor to ceiling, in the center of the wall. On the northern wall is a much longer case filled with books, scrolls, and curiosities. To the south, the room has a natural column and opens into a cavern where you can hear water flowing.

A skeletally thin, gray-skinned humanoid in robes works at the long table in the center of the room. His eyes glow, and it seems unlikely he’s alive.

Two shapes, each like the upper half of a human made of dark smoke, float along the northern wall, near the bookcase there.

  • 1 mage wight (M)
  • 2 tainted wisps (W) Combat begins if you initiate it. You can instead wait, giving up any surprise you might have (go to 124).


~Options can be used any time before, during, or after combat. Please use your best judgement.

  • Knowledge Checks: You can take a minor action to assess your situation with a DC 15 Arcana (trained only) or Religion (trained only) check. If you succeed on the Arcana check, go to 010. If you succeed on the Religion check, go to 084. If you fail, you learn nothing useful and cannot use the same skill again for this purpose in this encounter.
  • Run Away: You can flee through any exit you know of. The monsters pursue you into the new area. For an example, see Southern Exit.
  • Southern Exit: You can take the fight through the southern exit. If you do, add the map and information for Encounter 5 to this area. The monsters pursue fleeing heroes.
  • Tables: To move into a table square, you must clamber atop a table as a move action or jump onto the table as part of a move action. Jumping up on a table instead requires 1 extra square of movement (Athletics DC 12). Failing this check means you stop moving and your move action ends. If you fail by 5 or more, you also fall prone in the square you started the jump in. If you successfully move through table squares, go to 127.


Mage Wight - Use deathchill bolt if able to attack a target that isn’t immobilized. Do so even if it might provoke an opportunity attack or another sort of attack. However, before using deathchill bolt, the wight tries to move so it won’t be attacked for making this ranged attack.

Use claw only if unable to leave melee safely to use deathchill bolt or if the wight is adjacent to an immobilized target when it starts its turn.

Use spirit-chilling burst if the mage wight can attack all targets in the room by using the power.

Use spirit-chilling burst if the wight is bloodied, has access to the power, and has even one immobilized target.

As part of a move action, duck behind a table or bookcase to gain cover when possible.

  • If a creature is immune to something, it takes no damage from attacks that deal that type of damage.
  • Resist indicates a number and a damage type. If an attack that has the indicated damage type hits the monster, reduce the damage by that amount (minimum 0 damage).
  • You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport and can be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide.


Bookcases: These floor-to-ceiling shelves are blocking terrain for determining cover.

Tables: A table is a low obstacle for determining cover.


If the heroes defeat the monsters, go to 059. If not, your adventure has ended in defeat.

Encounter 6

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